Payment Plans

Barnard’s payment plan (five monthly payments due on the first of each month) is administered by a third party, Tuition Management Systems (TMS/Nelnet).  There is a $50 fee each semester for enrolling in the service.  Note that TMS/Nelnet does not adjust the amount you budget without your specific instructions.  (If you wish to increase/decrease your budget to cover Barnard charges, you must advise TMS/Nelnet.)  If you enroll in the TMS/Nelnet plan before we issue your e-bill, your plan will already be deducted from Barnard's invoice.  If our e-bill still shows a balance after the deduction for TMS/Nelnet, your plan does not cover all charges.

Note that the Fall semester payment plan begins July 1, and the Spring semester plan begins December 1.

TMS Summary


Parents, Guardians, Students, Spouses who have not defaulted on a previous payment plan

Maximum Annual Limits

College charges (tuition, fees, room, board) minus financial aid. No books, supplies, or charges not billed by the College.

Income Restrictions


Credit Check



$50 per semester

Interest Rate


No interest

First Payment

Fall plan: July 1.

Spring plan: December 1.

Payments Per Semester

5 per semester

Payment Period

5 months


Web Contact

(888) 251-3597

Tuition Management Systems (TMS/Nelnet)