Courses for Medieval And Renaissance Studies

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MEDR BC 3998x-BC3999y Directed Research for the Senior Project

Two semesters of supervised interdisciplinary research in Medieval or Renaissance Studies terminating in the writing of a senior essay. The program of research is determined in consultation with the chair and under the guidance of the area adviser. It is supervised by the latter and an adviser from the second discipline involved in the project.
4 points

Cross-Listed Courses

Art History and Archaeology

W2207 Medieval Architecture

W2300 Early Italian Art

W3230 Medieval Architecture

W3407 Early Italian Art


V3033 Medieval Language and Literature

W4152 Medieval Latin Literature: Poetry

English & Comparative Literature

W3335 Shakespeare I

W4021 European Literature in the Middle Ages: Cultures of the Book

English (Barnard)

BC3136 Shakespeare in Performance

BC3154 Chaucer Before Canterbury

BC3155 Canterbury Tales

BC3158 Medieval Literature: Literatures of Medieval Britain

BC3163 Shakespeare I

BC3164 Shakespeare II

BC3165 The Elizabethan Renaissance: Lyric Poetry

BC3166 Seventeenth-Century Prose and Poetry

BC3167 Milton

BC3169 Renaissance Drama

French (Barnard)

BC3021 Major French Texts I

BC3023 The Culture of France I

BC3029 Laughter in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

BC3032 Women and Writing in Early Modern France

BC3033 Literature of the French Renaissance and the Baroque

BC3034 French Baroque and Classical Literature


Q3101 The World We Have Lost: Daily Life in Pre-Modern Europe

W4083 Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages

W4101 The World We Have Lost: Daily Life in Pre-Modern Europe

History (Barnard)

BC1062 Introduction to Later Middle Ages: 1050-1450

BC2062 Medieval Intellectual Life, 1050 to 1400

BC3062 Medieval Economic Life and Thought ca 1000 to 1500

BC3064 Medieval Science and Society

BC3360 London: From Great Wen to World City


W4091 Dante's Divina Commedia I

Philosophy (Barnard)

V2201 History of Philosophy II: Aquinas to Kant

V3237 Late Medieval and Modern Philosophy


V3140 Early Christianity

V3340 Early Christianity

W4170 History of Christianity: The World of the First Crusade

W4171 Law and Medieval Christianity

W4370 History of Christianity: The World of the First Crusade

W4371 Law and Medieval Christianity