Courses for Race & Ethnic Studies

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Africana Studies (Barnard)

BC2005 Caribbean Culture and Societies

BC3020 Harlem Crossroads

BC3055 Slave Resistance in the United States from the Colonial Era to the Civil War

BC3110 Africana Colloquium:Black European Cultural Studies

BC3110 Africana Colloquium: Diasporas of the Indian Ocean

BC3120 History of African-American Music

BC3121 Black Women in America

BC3146 African American and African Writing and the Screen

BC3148 Literature of the Great Migration

BC3150 Race and Performance In The Caribbean

BC3525 Atlantic Crossings: The West Indies and the Atlantic World

BC3550 Harlem Seminar: Gay Harlem

BC3570 Africana Issues: Diasporas of the Indian Ocean

BC3589 Black Feminism(s)/Womanism(s)

Anthropology (Barnard)

V3160 The Body and Society

V3300 Pre-Columbian Histories of Native America

V3810 Madagascar

V3928 Religion and Mediation

V3988 Race and Sexuality in Scientific and Social Practice

Art History (Barnard)

BC3948 The Visual Culture of the Harlem Renaissance

W4000 Native American Art and Culture

W4089 Native American Art and Culture

Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race

W1012 History of Racialization in the United States

V3440 The Changing American City

W3510 Novels of Immigration, Relocation, and Diaspora

W3904 Rumor and Racial Conflict

W3906 Race in Scientific and Social Practice

W3928 Colonization/Decolonization

W3940 Comparative Study of Constitutional Challenges Affecting African, Latino, and Asian American Communities

G4030 Sound: The Sacred, The Secular

Dance (Barnard)

BC3570 Latin American and Caribbean Dance: Identities in Motion

BC3578 Traditions of African-American Dance

BC3980 Performing the Political: Embodying Change in American Performance

English (Barnard)

BC3129 Explorations of Black Literature: Early African-American Lit. 1760-1890

BC3134 Black Internationalisms

BC3144 Black Theatre

BC3144 Minority Women Writers in the United States

BC3190 Global Literature in English

BC3196 Home to Harlem: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance

History (Barnard)

BC2321 Colonial Encounters: Europe and the Culture of Empire

BC2840 Topics in South Asian History

BC2980 World Migration

BC3546 The Fourteenth Amendment and Its Uses

BC3587 Remembering Slavery: Critiquing Modern Representations of the Peculiar Institution

BC3669 Inequalities:Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Latin America

BC3672 Perspectives on Power in 20th Century Latin America

BC3791 Lagos: From Pepper Farm to Megacity

BC3830 Bombay/Mumbai and Its Urban Imaginaries

BC3870 Gender and Migration: A Global Perspective

Political Science (Barnard)

V3604 Civil Wars and International Interventions in Africa

Religion (Barnard)

Q2415 Religions of Harlem

V2615 Religions of Harlem

W4215 Hinduism Here

W4415 Hinduism Here

Q4420 Religious Worlds of New York

W4525 Religion, Gender and Violence

W4620 Religious Worlds of New York

W4825 Religion, Gender and Violence

Sociology (Barnard)

V3247 The Immigrant Experience, Old and New

V3324 Poverty, Inequality, and Policy: A Sociological Perspective

BC3907 Communities and Social Change

BC3909 Ethnic Conflict and Unrest

BC3913 Inequalities: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in U.S. Law and Society

Spanish and Latin American Cultures (Barnard)

BC3457 Literatures of the Hispanophone Caribbean

BC3470 Latin(o) American Art in New York City: Critical Interventions, Institutions, and Creative Lives

BC3990 Senior Seminar: Travel, Empire and Cosmopolitanism in the Hispanic World

Women's Studies (Barnard)

BC2140 Critical Approaches in Social and Cultural Theory

BC3121 Black Women in America

BC3132 Gendered Controversies: Women's Bodies and Global Conflicts

BC3134 Unheard Voices: African Women's Literature

BC3510 Interpreting Bodies: Engendering the Black Body

BC3518 Studies in U.S. Imperialism

W3915 Gender and Power in Transnational Perspective

W4303 Gender, Globalization, and Empire

W4305 Feminist Postcolonial Theory

W4308 Sexuality and Science

W4320 Queer Theories and Histories