Reading the Election

The Barnard English Department discusses the role of literature in understanding the 2016 presidential election.
Monday, November 21, 2016
6 PM
Ella Weed

The Barnard English Department discusses the role of literature in understanding the 2016 presidential election.


Wednesday November 9, 2016
Diana Center Event Oval

A panel discussion co-sponsored by the Anchorage Museum and the Barnard College Art History Department.

Part of a series organized by the Anchorage Museum's Polar Lab initiative called Curated Conversations, Exhibiting Culture brings together artists, curators, museums and universities to consider the future of presenting multiple voices and cultures in museums, galleries, educational institutions, and public spaces. This Curated Conversation will explore how we indigenize and decolonize institutions, what should/should not be exhibited, models of collaboration and community participation, and ways to build powerful narratives around sensitive and/or contentious histories and objects. 

Kathleen Ash-Milby, associate curator, National Museum of the American Indian
Julie Decker, director, Anchorage Museum
Maria Hupfield, artist
Elizabeth Hutchinson (moderator), Associate Professor, Barnard College/Columbia University
Sonya Kelliher-Combs, artist 
Maia Nuku, associate curator of Oceanic Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Images of African and Latin American Migration and Border-crossing in Cinema

Monday, November 14, 2016
6-8 PM
Sulzberger Parlor (Barnard Hall)

A Pannel  organized by The Institute of Latin American Studies (Columbia University) & the Spanish and Latin American Cultures Department (Barnard College)

Scholar, Teacher, Mentor: A Celebration of Lynn Garafola

A panel discussion
Monday, December 5, 2016
7:00 PM
Julius S. Held Auditorium, 304 Barnard Hall

Women in Rock + Metal

A Panel Discussion
Wednesday, May 4th, 2016
304 Barnard Hall (Held Lecture Hall)

Provost Linda Bell to Speak at Yale Women's Conference

Provost Bell to Participate in a Panel Entitled "Cliffs, Not Ceilings: Contemporary Challenges Facing Women in Academia"
Saturday, February 6, 2016
1:45 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
New Haven Omni Hotel

Provost Linda Bell will be one of three speakers in the "Cliffs, Not Ceilings" panel at the Yale Women's Conference this Saturday.