President Debora Spar to Participate in White House Summit on College Access

Summit will bring together leaders from over 100 U.S. colleges to discuss how to boost success among low-income students

Lulu Mickelson '14: Community Organizer

Lulu is the founder of the Barnard/Columbia Design for America Studio, a network of interdisciplinary student teams and community members using design for local and social impact.  

Prof. Severine Autesserre weighs in on recent developments in Congo

Political science professor receives African Politics Conference Group Award and provides commentary for international media.


Students from across the country gather at Barnard for Women in Public Service Project conference

The Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) conference at Barnard brought together U.N. representatives, former heads of state, and other global leaders with students from across the country for a discussion of how to grow the ranks of women in government leadership positions.

On Al Jazeera America, Prof. Kimberly Marten discusses Putin's Syria offer

Russia's offer to remove chemical weapons from Syria may be a win for all parties, says Barnard political science professor

Prof. Sheri Berman on Marx's lesson for Egypt

Political science professor writes opinion piece for The New York Times