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health & wellness

Illustration by Edel Rodriguez

Prof. Tara Well studies meditation, emotional regulation, and nonverbal communication, and her current research focus—and forthcoming book—addresses the effect of mirrors on stress and self-image.

Photograph by Juliana Sohn

Illustration by Alex Eben Meyer

Front row (from left), seated: Gabrielle Davenport ’15, Mel Meder ’14, Nicole Mabry ’14, Rachel Katz. Second row, seated: Madelyn Popkin, Rachel Rosen ’14, Isha Shah ’15, Lauren Bonilla ’15, Caroline Lange ’15, Michelle Loo ’16. Standing: Rosie Bleck, Rachel Karpf, Mary Margaret Barr, Jessica Cannon, Kyara Andrade ’16, Lily Fishman ’16, Shannon Browning ’16, Lauren Malotra-Gaudet ’15, Evangeline Delgado. Not pictured: Steph Wasser ’14, Elianna Kaplowitz ’14.

Illustration by Lorenzo Gritti

Nika's collection of poetry is based on her work with Syrian refugees.