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health & wellness

Illustration by Hannah Drossman

Illustration by Edel Rodriguez

Prof. Tara Well studies meditation, emotional regulation, and nonverbal communication, and her current research focus—and forthcoming book—addresses the effect of mirrors on stress and self-image.

Photograph by Juliana Sohn

Illustration by Alex Eben Meyer

Front row (from left), seated: Gabrielle Davenport ’15, Mel Meder ’14, Nicole Mabry ’14, Rachel Katz. Second row, seated: Madelyn Popkin, Rachel Rosen ’14, Isha Shah ’15, Lauren Bonilla ’15, Caroline Lange ’15, Michelle Loo ’16. Standing: Rosie Bleck, Rachel Karpf, Mary Margaret Barr, Jessica Cannon, Kyara Andrade ’16, Lily Fishman ’16, Shannon Browning ’16, Lauren Malotra-Gaudet ’15, Evangeline Delgado. Not pictured: Steph Wasser ’14, Elianna Kaplowitz ’14.