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Mastermind Groups Program

Pilot Program 2016-2017

You are invited to apply to Barnard’s inaugural Alumnae Mastermind Program, which partners professional women in small groups that create accountability, support and focus to help achieve professional goals with newfound power. Over the course of 9 months, your Mastermind group will act as your 'braintrust' --  to help you accomplish your professional goals through monthly in-person meetings, weekly phone or video check-ins, and one-on-one accountability partners.

Career goals that applicants may be interested in focusing on include: switching fields or making a career change; launching a job search; returning to work after a gap; starting your own business or practice; early career issues; identifying career next steps or defining your path; launching an encore or 'give back' career;  or facing mid-career 'glass ceiling' issues.

Program Summary

Barnard’s Alumnae Mastermind Program includes:

  • Mastermind Kickoff: Thursday, September 22, 6:30-8:00pm, where you will meet your Group members, other participants, and program creators. 

  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings:  two-hour in-person gatherings where you will meet with your group, review wins and progress against goals, and focus on brainstorming solutions for an important challenge for each group member.

  • Your Barnard Buddy: A member of your group will check in with you weekly via whatever channel you pick (email, phone or text) to ask about your progress against your goals. These Barnard Buddies will rotate each month, so you have a chance to work with each member of your Mastermind Group.

  • Access to the private Barnard Alumnae Mastermind Program Facebook Group, where you can ask for help, run daily accountability sessions, or share what’s worked for you.

  • Mastermind Closing Celebration: a gathering in May 2017 for all program participants to celebrate the goals you have made happen throughout the mastermind program.


  • You must be a Barnard Alumna to participate.

  • YOU MUST LIVE IN THE NYC METRO AREA TO PARTICIPATE, as monthly Mastermind meetings will be held in-person in New York City. Following this 2016-2017 pilot program, we will explore opening Barnard Mastermind groups to alumnae outside of the metro area.

  • You must be able to make 5 of 6 in-person meetings; monthly meeting dates for October-April will be decided by your group at the kick-off event in September.

  • You must be able to commit to a weekly phone or video check-in, and to miss no more than one call every month; call times will be decided upon within your group after your placement.

Expectations of Group Members

In order to create a powerful program filled with honesty, accountability and substantial progress, we have created a few guidelines for the Barnard Alumnae Mastermind Program. We expect all participants to honor and abide by the letter and spirit of these guidelines throughout the Program. Mastermind groups do NOT provide individual coaching or therapy! The program’s goal is to help you achieve your professional goals in a supportive context. 

By applying for the Program, you agree that you will:

  • Be on-time or early to each of our events, meetings and calls;

  • Arrive prepared and present, ready to participate, listen, give and receive;

  • Give honest, critical and constructive feedback only when asked;

  • Share freely of your experience, expertise, contacts and other resources;

  • Communicate clearly to the group your professional expertise, and if needed, guide us to understand the difference between the free advice you are willing to share as a Mastermind group member and your paid professional services;

  • Not use the Mastermind Group or private Facebook community as a place to pitch or promote your business services;

  • Provide kind but firm accountability to your group members to help them achieve their goals;

  • Accept kind but firm accountability in order to help you achieve your own goals;

  • Complete Group assignments on-time, in order to respect the time of the group and the curriculum of the program; and

  • Provide feedback, when asked, to Barnard and your group to help improve the program.

Our program will also be governed by the Barnard Career Development Mutual Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement. Upon acceptance to the program, you will be required to sign this document in order to participate.

Program Fee

$500, payable in monthly installments of $50 or in a single payment in September. Alumnae accepted into the program may request a fee reduction by providing a brief explanation of financial need.

Application Process

The Barnard Alumnae Mastermind Program application process includes an online application, which may be followed by a phone call or email from the selection committee if further information is needed. Each application will be reviewed by a group of Barnard staff and alumnae, with particular focus on:

  • Your professional and educational history;

  • Your career stage and next step(s);

  • Your professional goals for the year;

  • Your personality and willingness to contribute to others through sharing your time, expertise and connections;

  • Your ability to make a nine-month commitment to the program;

After careful review, 20-24 applicants will be accepted and assigned to one of four Mastermind Groups. If this year's program is a success, we hope to expand the number of groups and thus alumnae accepted for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Deadline to apply: Monday, August 29, 11:59pm. No applications will be accepted after the deadline, so we encourage you to apply in a timely manner.

Notification of Placement: Friday, September 9

Kickoff Event: Thursday September 22, 2016, 6:30pm

Questions? Contact Christine Valenza Shin '84, Alumnae Counselor, at cshin@barnard.eduor 212-854-2033.

Apply to the Mastermind Program



Job Listings

NACElink is Barnard Career Development's online job and internship board. All Barnard alumnae have access to the site -- employers looking for "experienced hires" post opportunities regularly.


Career Research Resources


Interview Skills and Strategies

JobInnerview is a multi-media e-learning platform designed to train people to excel in a job interview. The program consists of 12 five-minute videos, each corresponding to a step in the interview process. Each module comes with a quiz and a series of exercises to thoroughly prepare the candidate for an interview and help them win the job. It's an inexpensive, virtual, automated training tool that can be used anywhere, any time.

Barnard alumna Rebekah Crawford '93 is a founding partner of the company.

Further information and registration link are at the JobInnerview website.


Salary Research


Networking with Barnard Alumnae

Are you considering a career change?  Are you a young alumna unsure of how to break into your desired field?  Are you looking for networking opportunities or business connections?  Or, are you simply looking to reconnect with classmates with whom you have lost touch?  These are just some of the reasons why you may want to connect with fellow alumnae.


  • Almost 18,000 Barnard alumnae and students are on LinkedIn
    • Focused Search:
      • Select Advanced Search, located to the right of the general search bar at the top of the page
      • Along the left side, enter Barnard College as the school name, then fill in key word(s), a company name, and/or other criteria
      • Peruse the list of members who come up
      • View profiles; follow up with those with whom you wish to connect
    • Browse:
      • Choose "Find Alumni" from the "My Network" drop-down menu
      • Enter Barnard College as your school
      • Select criteria from one or more columns
      • View profiles; follow up with those with whom you wish to connect
  • Over 6,500 Barnard Alumnae belong to the Barnard College Alumnae and Affiliates group on LinkedIn
    • Join a discussion, start a discussion of your own, invite fellow alumnae to events, etc.
    • Email for the link to request to join

Barnard Alumnae Network

  • Go to; register or log in (upper right corner)
  • Choose ‘Careers’ from the top bar menu then ‘Career Tools’ from the left margin menu
  • Click on ‘search the network for...’ (center of page near top)
  • Enter a field and/or occupation
  • Peruse the list of alumnae who meet your criteria, click on names for more information
  • Check via Google or LinkedIn for current employment and/or to locate a direct email address
  • Or, click on blue envelope to send email via Barnard forwarding system