The Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation Oscar S. Straus II Fellows in Criminal Justice

Oscar S. Straus II Fellows in Criminal Justice

Generously funded by the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation, Oscar S. Straus II Fellows in Criminal Justice are a group of Barnard College, Columbia University, and Princeton University students who intern each summer in the metropolitan New York area, at criminal justice non-profit organizations where they engage in direct client service, while working in legal services, social services, or policy and research. The program was launched in 1996 and supports 16-20 internships, most providing a $450/week stipend. The Guggenheim program encourages students to develop on-the-job understanding of issues and successful programs in the fields of criminal justice, to learn about policy innovations, and to consider careers or further education in fields related to criminal justice.

Current undergraduates are eligible to apply for the Guggenheim internships, excluding current seniors. Please note: if you will be abroad in the spring, you must meet with us prior to submitting your application. This is to ensure that applicants understand the time frame for the program and will have returned from study abroad to begin participation in late spring. The meeting can take place by phone. We will not accept applications from students who do not meet with us.

Summer 2017 Guggenheim Internships

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Application Process

DEADLINE EXTENDED! The application deadline is now Friday, February 17, 2017 BY 5PM EST.


Early February

Select candidates' application materials are forwarded to organizations for review

Mid-February to Early March 

Organizations review applications and in-person or telephone interviews are conducted with selected candidates


 Extend initial offers to students; students have 5 business days to accept or decline

Mid- to Late-Spring 2017

Orientation for Program Participants