OCR and NACElink FAQs


On Campus Recruitment (OCR) and NACElink FAQs

How many documents can I store in the system?

You can add up to 10 different documents in total, which may include resumes, cover letters, writing samples and unofficial transcripts. Once you reach your quota of 10, to add new documents you will need to delete existing documents. Select the "My Documents" tab in NACElink to upload new documents.

Should I submit a customized resume for each job I apply to?

Since you can only store up to 10 documents, we recommend that you designate resumes for different types of jobs or industries, not necessarily a specific resume for each job. For example, you may create a resume for advertising and one for consulting, and one for teaching, and one for the eResume Book, etc.

What happens if I need to store more than 10 documents in NACElink?

Once you submit a document for a job, it stays in the employer's electronic mailbox. So, if you’ve reached your storage maximum of 10 and still need to upload a new document, simply delete an existing document and upload a new one. Make sure to save a copy of the document on your computer before you delete it, as there will be no backup copy in Barnard NACElink.

How do I update or remove a document once I've submitted it for a job?

If you need to update an existing document, go to "My Documents," select the document title, and upload the latest version. Then, submit your updated application materials for the position before the application deadline.

To remove a document from a position that you have applied to, return to your application record and withdraw the entire application prior to the deadline you will need to withdraw all application materials (resume, cover letter, etc., not just the incorrect document). Upload the correct document, and then resubmit your updated application materials for the position before the application deadline.

Deleting a document will only remove it from your Documents area. It will not be deleted from any previous position submissions.

As a rule, always double check that you have submitted the correct documents.

How will I know what materials the employer wants me to submit?

When listing its employment opportunities, each employer will specify the materials required for interview consideration. All employers will require a resume. Some may also request an unofficial transcript, cover letter, and a writing sample. You can maintain copies of your application materials in the “Documents” section.

The job requires that I submit an "Other Document". What is that?

Employers may require that you submit information in addition to a resume, cover letter, transcript, or writing sample. The job description should specify what you should submit, e.g. references, an application, or samples of your work. If you cannot find this information in the job description, notify Career Development at (212) 854-2033 or by email at recruiting@barnard.edu and we will follow up with the employer.

I found a job I want to apply for, but there's no way to apply. What's the problem?

You are able to apply for a job if 1) you have uploaded at least one resume and 2) the application submission period is still open.

I want to apply for an opportunity but it states that “You do not qualify for this job”. What do I do?

First, click the “More” button and on the right column under “Application Status” to better understand why you don’t qualify. Typically, this is because you are not the desired “Applicant Type” for the position. For example, some employers are seeking alumnae with more experience for their positions.  Second, if you believe this is in error, please contact the Career Development staff and we will further research this issue for you.

How do I withdraw my application?

To withdraw your application for a posting you must log in to your Barnard NACElink account and go into the JOBS section and select Barnard CD Jobs.  Under Barnard CD Jobs select the APPLICATIONS tab and scroll down to the position you want to withdraw your application from.  If the position deadline has NOT passed, you will see the WITHDRAW APPLICATION button on the far right.  Click this button and your application will be removed from the posting.

If the deadline for the position has passed, you cannot withdraw an application.

If I’m studying abroad next semester/year, can I participate in OCR?

If you are participating in a Study Abroad program through Barnard you will continue to have access to Barnard NACElink. We encourage you to continue to research job prospects through Barnard NACElink.

However, you will need to be explicit in all your application materials about your current student status and availability to avoid any confusion by employers. Clearly state your study abroad status at the top of your resume and in your cover letters (if required), including your location, dates of study, and any special contact information during that time. Please also make sure that you have an international phone number!

While students who are studying abroad will be able to submit resumes to employers who will be interviewing on campus, we do not accommodate students who are studying abroad with on-campus interviews. Therefore, you are NOT to sign up for any on-campus interviews while you are studying abroad. If an employer is interested in your qualifications, it will be the employer’s responsibility to arrange an alternative and mutually convenient interview appointment with you directly.

Before you leave campus, you may want to meet with Barnard Career Development staff to discuss job search strategies while you are overseas.  You can arrange an appointment by calling Career Development at 212-854-2033.

I cannot attend a scheduled on-campus employer information session. What can I do to get the information I missed?

The information shared during an employer information session cannot be replicated by the Career Development staff. Information sessions occur throughout the academic year on Monday through Thursday evenings.  Typically between 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  Students are encouraged to make a conscious and concerted effort to attend employer information sessions.  Attending employer information sessions benefits students in a number of ways, including learning about the specific employer, networking with employer representatives (who are often Barnard alumnae), and communicating your interest and commitment in the employer and the opportunity presented.  Employers often share with us that they keep track of applicants they have met at recruiting events.

I interviewed on-campus, attended an employer information session, applied for a position through Barnard NACElink and want to obtain the contact information of the employer representative.  How can I do that?

The only way to obtain contact information for employer representatives is to obtain it directly from them IF they choose to share it with students.  It is the students, responsibility to ask for the contact information/business cards of representatives that come to campus.  Employers who post through NACElink have the option to make their contact information visible to students if they wish to do so.  Barnard Career Development will not release employer contact information to students without the employers’ explicit permission.

How will I know that I have been invited for interviews?

Notices to sign up for interviews will appear in your Barnard NACElink account under “Interviews”.  Within this section you will find two sub tabs “Scheduled Interviews” and “Interview Requests”.  When you apply for an OCR position, your status will appear as “Pending” until the employer selection period has ended. Once an employer selects a student to interview, the status will change to “Invited”. We STRONGLY recommend you regularly log in to Barnard NACElink to check your interview status under the “Interview Requests” tab.  In addition, some employers may also choose to call you or send email notices to you.

I've been invited, but I cannot sign up for an interview. Why?

When you've been invited, be sure to note the dates of the sign-up period. In some cases, you may have to wait a day or two before the sign-ups are open and you can select a time slot. If the sign-up period has closed, contact the Barnard Career Development at 212-854-2033 to see if any slots are still available.

I've been invited, but missed the sign-up deadline. Can I still schedule an interview?

Yes, but you may have lost your slot to an alternate candidate. You must call Barnard Career Development at 212-854-2033 to check for openings.

What does “PRESELECT” and “ALTERNATE" status mean?

Employers may select you as a “Preselect” or an “Alternate” for some interviews.  “Preselect” means you are a student the employer wishes to interview. If you are pre-selected, you are guaranteed an interview slot, provided you sign up for your interview during the pre-select sign-up period.

“Alternate” means you have been wait listed. Alternates will be able to sign up for interviews only after the pre-select sign-up period ends. In this case, your status under the “Interviews” tab will show as “Alternate”. As an alternate, you can try to sign up for an interview during the alternate sign-up period, but only if there are interview slots still available.  

If you are an alternate and cannot schedule an interview online, don't give up! Call Barnard Career Development at 212-854-2033 after the sign-up deadline and we will check for cancellations. You can also call Barnard Career Development on the interview day at 212-854-2033 to check for same day cancellations. Identify yourself as an alternate and have the company name and job title ready.

I've been invited for an interview, but I'm no longer interested. What do I do?

Please decline the invitation before the Sign-Up end date so that the employer can select an alternate candidate. Select “Scheduled Interviews” on your desktop under shortcuts. Find the appropriate interview and select “Decline Interview”.

I've signed up for an interview, but I now need to change my time. How do I do that?

If you need to change your interview time, you may do so before the Sign-Up end date by selecting “Interviews” tab in you Barnard NACElink account. Find the appropriate interview, click on the “Review” button and select “Reschedule”. You will only be able to change this if there are other open slots.

If the sign-up deadline has passed, you must contact Barnard Career Development for assistance at 212-854-2033.

Where are the interviews?

99% of all interviews are conducted in the Barnard Career Development office.  BCD is located on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall, which is on the corner of 119th Street and Claremont Avenue.  In the rare instance that there is an alternate location, the location will be noted in Barnard NACElink.

Can I show up on the interview day to check for last minute openings?

No! Barnard Career Development does not allow students who do not have a scheduled appointment or are not a preselect/alternate to check for last minute openings, you cannot wait in the interview area to talk to a greeter/recruiter or ask to be added to an interview schedule. Failure to adhere to this policy could result in suspension from OCR.

Should I send a thank you note after my interview?

This is a good idea and can really make a difference in the way you are perceived by the employer. It lets employers know that you appreciate their time and reinforces your interest and commitment to the opportunity you interviewed for. The note should be brief and should be sent the same day as your interview, or the following day at the latest. Be sure that you note the interviewer's name and title before leaving the interview. Asking for a business card during the interview is a good way to ensure you have all of the necessary information.

How soon can I expect to hear from the employer about my interview status?

Employers are not required to contact those candidates who didn't make the cut. Generally, you'll be notified within 1-2 weeks after your interview, or according to the timeframe identified by the employer. It is appropriate to email the interviewer after this time to check on your status.