What seems to be the problem?

I'm logged in but I get "Access denied" message.
If you're a content manager for an academic department, make sure you've logged into the correct site to edit. For example, to edit the History site, log in at "Access denied" after logging into a subdomain is a function of how we keep faculty profiles in the correct sites. Log in at and add your department to your profile.

My video (or other embedded content) isn't displaying.
Web browsers have updated their security settings so that they won't display "mixed" content. Barnard's site uses the secure protocol, https, while the link to a video may use the standard http. The browser won't display potentially "unsafe" content in a "secure" page.

This primarily affects older content embedded using code from the host platform. Look for 'https' at the beginning of the link to a video or other media to embed. Using the media option in the toolbar to add content will avoid this issue.

My image / table / other formatting is not showing when I save.
Check to see if the Text format is set to Full HTML. This setting is found just below the editing area for each section.

I've copied and pasted from Word, another web page, or some other source, the content doesn't look right and I can't fix it.
Copying from Word, other web sites, or other programs (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) often brings code with it that determines formatting in those environments. That code will override anything you try to do in the CMS.

For better results, use the 'Paste to plain text' clipboard so that all formatting is erased.

Another easy fix is to select the copy, cut it (cmd- or ctrl-x), switch the Text format for the content area to Filtered HTML, and paste the content back in (cmd- or ctrl-v).

Switch the content area back to Full-HTML and format the copy, e.g., create bulleted or numbered lists, block quotes, indents and the like, and add heading styles.

Access denied on faculty profiles.
To keep faculty profiles from appearing in departments to which they do not belong, viewing them is restricted to the departments they are associated with. Log in at Then navigate to the profile via the main site - or search for profile - to edit. Scroll down towards the bottom to find the Department listing and select the appropriate departments. Control-click (command-click on mac) for multiple departments. This must be set to see the profile within the department site.

My edits are not appearing.
1. Check and see if the page needs to be published. It may still be in draft state.
2. The site serves cached, or pre-rendered and saved, versions of pages. It may take up to 2 hours for the cached version to update. As long as the edited version looks right when you're logged in, it will eventually display that way.

I can't see draft pages made by someone else.
Go to My Workbench, the first link in the black toolbar at the top of the browser. Select All content If the edits or pages were just made, they may be towards the top of the list, otherwise use the search filters to find the desired content.

My new event is not showing.

  • Check to see if it is published.
  • Check that the date is correct in the calendar selector (not the text box).
  • Check to see if a list, or the correct list, has been selected. (Academic department sites do not need to select a list.)

I've inserted an image, but I see a gray box.
Once an image is uploaded or selected to use in the page, a size format must be selected before clicking on Submit. Don't leave the setting on Default.

If a different size is needed, first insert the image and save the page, then edit the draft to edit the image properties to resize the image.