Templates and Forms

Contract Templates:

The following templates have been approved by the Office of the General Counsel. These templates are forms that you can type directly into or print and hand write.

Return a W-9 form signed by the vendor and the executed agreement to Purchasing. 

  •  If you are not sure which template to use for your engagement, please contact General Counsel at 212-853-0700.

  • If a vendor or contractor gives you their contract to sign,  please contact General Counsel for review and approval. 

Independent Contractor Agreement v. 11/08/2017 

The Independent Contractor Agreement should be used for most transactions in which Barnard engages an individual or a business to provide services. This includes consultants, event organizers and photographers. This template includes a blank Exhibit A to set forth the specifics of the arrangement.

Entertainment Agreement v. 09/11/2017

The Entertainment Agreement can be used whenever Barnard engages an individual or business to provide entertainment services, including musicians, bands, DJs and other performers. If you have any questions about the insurance requirements, please contact the Risk Manager in the Office of the Vice President for Campus Services.

Musician Accompanist Agreement v. 09/11/2017

The Musician Accompanist  Agreement can be used whenever Barnard engages an individual or business to provide musical accompaniment.

Speaker Lecturer Agreement v.09/11/2017

The Speaker/Lecturer Agreement can be used whenever Barnard engages an individual or business to give a speech or lecture or provide similar service. 

Work for Hire Agreement v. 8/02/2018

The Works Made for Hire Agreement is designed for the limited engagement of photographers, writers, illustrators and other freelance artists to create works. It is not designed for engagements that do not involve the creation of works. Nor is it designed for engagements that create a material risk of physical injury or property damage (including by way of example, but without limitation, engagements involving intense physical activity or the use of heavy or dangerous equipment, installations, scaffolding, suspended lights or cameras, or the erection of sculpture or sets). If this Agreement is not applicable to the proposed engagement, you should use Barnard’s Independent Contractor Agreement. Uses include but are not limited to photographers, videographers, illustrators, freelance artists and writers.

Workshop Participant Agreement v. 09/08/2016

The Workshop Participant Agreement is for individuals who are participating as independent contractors in Barnard workshops.

Speaker/Presenter Recording Release [UNDER REVIEW]                 



Contract Review Form  

Contract Signing Authority Delegation Form

Sample Invoice

Contract Checklist 

Third Party Info Security Assessment Questionnaire



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