Rosemary Frankel Furman '58 and the Furman Counseling Center


When Rosemary Frankel Furman '58 was considering a donation to Barnard, she expressed a particular interest in counseling services. Rosemary told the poignant story of her Barnard roommate who had struggled with depression, at a time when the College had few resources to offer support in a confidential setting. Mrs. Furman also acknowledged the personal challenge of a postpartum depression, remembering vividly the angst she experienced in her own life.

She asked to see the current service facility, which at the time was housed within the health service offices. Upon reviewing the physical state of the service, she was very concerned that students who were receiving psychological counseling needed to check in at the front desk and walk through the waiting area and up the stairs, thereby identifying themselves as counseling clients. She worried that this loss of privacy would inhibit students from receiving the support some desperately needed.

It was this visit that compelled her to create the Rosemary Furman Counseling Center. She and her husband Richard together imagined a space that could offer the kind of environment which would dignify the psychological needs of Barnard students and assure them privacy.

Since its establishment in 2002, the Rosemary Frankel Furman Counseling Center has offered thousands of students a beautiful and confidential space to seek help for their psychological concerns.