Externship and Fellowship Programs

Training at the Counseling Center

The Center trains social work interns, and psychology externs, interns, and fellows.  The training program aims to expose and make trainees adept at performing the range of functions assumed by clinicians working at university counseling centers.

Social Work Internship Program

Psychology Externship Program

Psychology Internship Program

Psychology Fellow

Additional Training Components


Malpractice Insurance

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Social Work Internship Program:

The Center offers training for four social work interns from The Columbia School of Social Work.  The social work interns conduct intakes, offer short-term psychotherapy, biofeedback and may co-lead a group.  Interns are also assigned responsibilities for outreach to the College community on behalf of the Furman Counseling Center, in the Higher Education Opportunity Program or Alcohol Substance Awareness Program.  Interns receives two hours of individual supervision per week, and participate in the seminar series.

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Psychology Externship Program:

The Center has up to three psychology externs.  Externs conduct intakes, short-term psychotherapy, and outreach to the College community.  Externs receive two hours individual supervision per week, and participate in the seminar series.

Externs are with the Center from September through mid-May and work  16 hours per week, minimally.  Required hours are 10-2 on Wednesdays, and one evening per week until 7PM.

Barnard College Furman Counseling is following the guidelines approved by members of PSIDNYS (Psychology Internship Directors of NYS) and NYNJADOT (New York New Jersey Association of Directors of Training). Please see NYSPA's website for the full guidelines.

Interested students should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and two letters of recommendation to the Training Director (see contact information below).

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Psychology Internship Program:

Interns from Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital may elect to do a rotation with us.  Psychology interns conduct intakes, short-term psychotherapy, and outreach to the College community.

Interns are with us for one academic semester, and work 10 hours per week.  Required hours are Wednesdays from 11-2, and one evening a week until 7PM.  They receive one hour of individual supervision per week.

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Psychology Fellow:

The Center has one, full-time post-doctoral fellow.  The fellow conducts intakes, short-term psychotherapy, and outreach to the College community.  She/he also cultivates an area of expertise under the mentorship of a Center staff member.

Required hours are 11-2 on Wednesdays, and one evening per week until 10PM. The fellow works 35 hours per week, and receives three hours of individual supervision per week.

Interested applicants should apply online through Human Resources at https://careers.barnard.edu. Send, a cover letter, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, and a graduate school transcript. The application deadline is Jan. 11, 2019.

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Additional Training Components:

Social work interns and psychology externs participate in a seminar series, in which they receive training in the following areas: diagnosis, high-risk symptoms, eating disorders, psychopharmacology, multiculturalism and biofeedback.  Trainees also regularly present and offer feedback on cases in this seminar.

All trainees also participate in staff meetings, in which they learn the administrative workings of the Center, contribute to the monitoring of high-risk clients, and do a formal case presentation.  Staff members and outside clinicians also give presentations on various topics for on-going trainee and staff development.

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Written evaluations are done at the close of each semester.  Evaluations are reviewed with trainees, and copies are sent to their educational programs.  Supervisors are also asked to regularly give informal feedback to their supervisees.

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Malpractice Insurance:

 All trainees are required to purchase and submit proof of their malpractice insurance before they may begin their training at the Center.

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To Apply:

Submit application materials to:

Hilary Colenso, Ph.D., LCSW

Associate Director

RosemaryFurman Counseling Center


3009 Broadway

100 Hewitt Hall

New York, NY 10027