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The Barnard College Young Alumnae Challenge


Young Alumnae Compete in The Barnard College Young Alumnae Challenge!

Congratulations to the Class of 2007! You earned first place in The Barnard College Young Alumnae Challenge by achieving a stellar 22.87% participation rate!

In 2011-12, Classes of 2002-2011 competed against each other for the highest level of participation in Barnard's annual fund.  The Young Alumnae Participation Competition was the brain-child of Barnard’s Board of Trustees Chair, Jolyne Caruso-FitzGerald ’81, who wanted to encourage young alumnae giving by offering a competition among the 10 youngest alumnae classes. 

The final 2012 participation levels are listed in the chart below.

Class Participation Rate Rank
2007 22.87% 1st
2009 21.61% 2nd
2003 17.42% 3rd
2011 17.27% 4th
2005 17.21% 5th
2006 17.05% 6th
2004 16.01% 7th
2010 15.25% 8th
2002 15.20% 9th
2008 14.91% 10th

Did you give this year to help your classmates meet these challenges?  Thank you! 

Let's carry this excitement into fiscal year 2013!

Make a gift online at barnard.edu/gift or call 212.870.2520.

If you've already made your gift, THANK YOU.  Please help spread the message to your classmates and encourage them to contribute!