How to Register


Welcome to the Office of Disability Services! Registration with our office is open to any Barnard student living with a disability, be it temporary or permanent, visible or invisible. Disabilities include, but are not limited to, vision impairments, hearing loss/deafness, mobility impairments, chronic illnesses, learning disabilities/ADD, psychiatric disabilities, and substance abuse/recovery.

ODS provides a wide variety of support services for registered students, ranging from assistance in obtaining specialized equipment to test accommodations. 

If you are a Barnard student with a disability, we encourage you to register with us, even if you are not sure whether you'll need accommodations. Registration with ODS is confidential, and can serve as a type of "insurance policy" for you in the event of a flare-up or other disability-related need.

The First Steps

To register with ODS, you will need to have an intake session with Nicole Bartolotta. Please contact our office either by email at or by phone at (212-854-4634) to discuss the registration process and schedule an appointment. Accommodations are not retroactive, so we can only set up accommodations for your classes or exams after you have your intake meeting with us. It is important to register with ODS early in the semester to use your accommodations for all your coursework. Intakes are not conducted past the last full week of classes and the deadline for registering for Fall 2018 will be Friday, December 7, 2018! Students may register throughout the Fall 2018 semester, however, no intake meetings are conducted during midterm exams, final exams, or the last two weeks of the semester unless a student has a brand new diagnosis that was just found out in the last two weeks of the semester.  It's imperative that ODS has at least two weeks prior to final exams to get accommodations set up for students, so we'd be happy to meet with new students for accommodations for the following semester after final exams end.     

Before scheduling your intake appointment we need you to fill out a new student application. This brief application will allow you to give us some insight on your needs here at Barnard. While you complete the application you can also attach documentation if you would like or you can also bring in documentation with you to your meeting. A student application must be completed before your scheduled intake. We must receive your documentation either before your intake meeting or at your intake meeting to finish your registration with ODS. Once a new student application is completed and submitted an ODS staff member will be reaching out to schedule an intake appointment. Please follow the link below to access the student application.


Once at your appointment, Nicole Bartolotta will spend some time chatting with you in order to get to know you and your needs. ODS staff will explain ODS policies and procedures for accessing accommodations, complete an intake packet with you, and create an accommodation plan for you! 

You will also need to bring your CRN numbers (the 5 digit number you use to add courses to your program) to your appointment, so that faculty notification letters can be created for you with your accommodation plan!

We look forward to working with you!