Academic Support


The Barnard Peer Learning Program provides academic assistance in an inclusive and equitable environment where all students can access the level of help they need.  The goals of the program are two-fold:


  • To encourage students to continually build skills that will help them be independent and confident learners whether they are a first-year student or graduating senior;

  • To encourage students to take responsibility for their academic progress and success.


We believe that the best way to accomplish these goals is to provide a variety of opportunities where students can work in small groups with peer tutors, attend workshops to help with study skills such as time management, note taking, and wellness, and have access to drop in help via Help Rooms.


We recognize that the transition to the college learning environment can be challenging as a first-year or transfer student as well as for students who are trying new subjects or advancing to another level of expertise.  Our peer tutors provide non-judgmental and empathetic assistance based on having previously excelled in the same course. 


Our Peer Tutors are current Barnard undergraduates who have met the following eligibility criteria:


  • Received an B+ or above in any course they tutor

  • Hold an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • Supported or recommended by faculty or staff

  • Interviewed by the Dean for Academic Assistance

  • Attended trainings

We encourage all students to use the following resources when looking for academic assistance: 


  • Professor's Office Hours and Review Sessions
  • TA Sessions, Recitations, and TA Office Hours
  • Workshops on key college skills (time management, note-taking, stress, etc.)
  • Wellness Resources (healthy mind and healthy body)

  • Group-based tutoring, mentoring, and networking:  Help Rooms geared toward specific classes or subjects, additional Programs and Labs
  • Individual/Small Group Tutoring

  • Online resources for several diciplines

The best way to do well is to attend all class, review, recitation, and discussion sessions even if they are considered "optional."  Nothing can bring success better than being a present and engaged learner!