Leaves of Absence and Returns

Barnard students who are considering taking a leave of absence should work with Dean Rebecca Grabiner, who serves as the College's Case Manager, as well as Senior Class Dean.  Here is some general infomation about leaves of absence, but for specific questions, contact Dean Grabiner: schedule an appointment or email leavesandreturns@barnard.edu.

If a situation or opportunity arises in which a student, in conversation with her adviser, the Case Manager, and/or the Dean of Studies, decides she would like to take a leave of absence from a semester of coursework and for an extended time, the student may opt for a general Leave of Absence, or a Medical or Mental Health Leave of Absence, depending on the nature of the leave. The student must make an appointment with the Case Manager or the Dean of Studies to discuss her specific situation and to review the terms of a leave of absence. Degree progress and financial aid implications should be considered as part of a decision to withdraw.

Please note: General Leaves or Medical/Mental Health Leaves are not the same as a required leave, in which a student is required to leave the college for a year or a semester due to lack of satisfactory academic progress. Students required to leave due to academic performance are notified of their separation from the college by the Committee on Programs and Academic Standing, and have slightly different requirements for return. All leaves of absence are noted by the College in a student's permanent educational record. The date of the leave will occur in the transcript if the leave occurred during a semester in progress. The leave begins on the date the student last attended class.

Case Manager Rebecca Grabiner

I am a native of Claremont, Calif., and have been at Barnard since the summer of 2014. Prior to joining Barnard I worked for 10 years at the Jewish Theological Seminary. I earned a bachelor's degree in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of Chicago, a master's degree in Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary and a master's degree in social work from Columbia University. 

In my spare time, I like to read all kinds of fiction, ride my bike, go to the theater, and do a little amateur birdwatching in our city parks. In addition to serving as the College's Case Manager, I am also the Senior Class Dean.

I look forward to assisting you - come by and see me!

Senior Class Dean and Case Manager
Rebecca Grabiner