Barnard Weekly Trivia

Leadership Development
Every Thursday
301 The Diana Center

It's time to win movie passes again from weekly Barnard trivia!  This week the winner will get FOUR movie passes just in time for Spring Break!

Come up to the Student Life office (Diana 301) to drop off your answer by 2:00 every Thursday and enter for a chance to win free AMC movie passes.

Last week NO ONE answered the question correctly!!  So we're going to give you ANOTHER week to find the right answer.  Hint: it's NOT Brooks Hall.
On Barnard's main campus of 4 acres there are 4 residence halls; Reid, Sulzberger, Brooks, and Hewitt. What was Barnard's first residence Hall in Morningside Heights and where is it now?

Mar. 11, 2014 - 11:10 AM