Better Angels: Documentary Screening and Panel

Tuesday, January 29, 2019
6:30 PM - 9 PM
Diana Center, Event Oval

China’s rise has become one, if not the most consequential developments for the world — an economic and geopolitical phenomenon that has not gone unnoticed by the U.S. The “Thucydides Trap” of great power conflict due to a state of mutual distrust has, therefore, become a subject of discussion in recent years. Are the U.S. and China destined for war?

Join us for a screening of Better Angels, a documentary film that argues for the U.S. and China to overcome economic rivalries, ideological challenges and cultural differences to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes not only both countries but also for the world. For these events to occur, the "better angels of our nature," in both the East and the West, will need to disavow the grave pronouncements of naysayers and skeptics on both sides who staunchly maintain that conflict between these two great nations is all but inevitable. 

Kim Marten, Chair of Barnard College's Political Science Department, will be moderating a panel conversation and Q&A with director Malcolm Clarke following the screening. 

Malcolm Clarke
Malcolm Clarke began his career at the BBC and subsequently joined Granada TV's World in Action series, assigned to investigate the death of South African political activist Steven Biko. This resulted in The Life and Death of Steve Biko. After winning the Monte Carlo Film Festival, Mr. Clarke produced and directed for ABC’s “Close-Up” Documentary Unit. During his career, he has been awarded an Emmy, two Oscars and three Ace Awards, including for The Lady in Number Six, which won an Academy Award for Best Short Subject Documentary.

This event is free and open to the public but registration is required.

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Jan. 29, 2019 - 6:30 PM