Digital Community Formation

A roundtable discussion with Jon Beller, Brittney Cooper, Gail Drakes, Dana Goldstein, Renina Jarmon, and Courtney Martin '02
Tuesday, October 9, 2012
6:30 PM
Event Oval, The Diana Center

Digital Community Formation event image

Academics and writers alike have long worked within established processes for peer-review and editing. But both are now confronted with a rapidly shifting landscape in which online channels provide new opportunities for feedback, networking, and collaboration. In this roundtable discussion, panelists Courtney Martin ’02 (Valenti Martin Media), Brittney Cooper (Crunk Feminist Collective and Rutgers University), Gail Drakes (NYU), Dana Goldstein (New America Foundation/The Nation Institute), Renina Jarmon (New Model Minority and University of Maryland), and moderator Jon Beller (Pratt Institute) examine the ways in which digital media outlets are changing traditional methods of research, collaboration, and publication, as well as the political and ethical impact of letting ideas develop in the public eye.

This event is sponsored by The Barnard Center for Research on Women. For more information, visit

Oct. 9, 2012 - 6:30 PM