Faculty Research Talk, given by Professor Stephanie Pfirman

The Once and Future Arctic
Thursday, April, 26, 2018
5:45 p.m.
James Room, 4th Floor Barnard Hall

The Once and Future Arctic

For all of human history the high Arctic has been known as white, remote, inaccessible, and formidable.  Now, as the climate changes, so does the fundamental fabric of the Arctic.  What used to be frozen and rigid, is now dynamic and vulnerable. White reflective ice surfaces are turning blue as sea ice is lost. Each summer as the ice melts back, oil and gas developers, fisheries, and tourists venture further north.  And each year of warming erodes the global services the Arctic provides.  I will explore the implications of ice loss, as well as our options for restoring the ice, considering how and when, as well as who.  A global response requires a concerted effort to mitigate warming, at the same time that we implement pro-active management strategies and raise awareness of Arctic ice services through improved communication approaches.

Office of the Provost: 212 854-2708 or provost@barnard.edu.

Apr. 26, 2018 - 5:45 AM