Service Information

Mission Statement

The Office of Facilities Services primary goal is the creation and maintenance of a physical environment conducive to the learning process. Well maintained and quality facilities are vital to the college's mission and help to enrich the college life of our students. The Office of Facilities Services' staff members are committed to providing quality facilities that enhance the educational experience of Barnard College students and contribute to the continued growth of the college community.

Hours of Operation

The Office of Facilities Services is located in Barnard Hall Rm 105 M and is staffed Monday - Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Facilities Services Mechanics are on duty 24 hours - 7 days/week. to monitor our operating equipment and to respond to emergencies.

Emergency Procedures

The Office of Facilities Services considers any event that endangers the life, health, or safety of a person or possible damage to college property as an emergency condition. These conditions may include flood, water pipe breakage, steam leak, electrical short or exposed wiring, rodent infestation, excessive trash accumulations, darkened stairwells, etc. During the normal work week hours ( Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.), a report of an emergency condition should be directed to our office at 4-2041 .

At all other times (Monday - Sunday, 5 p.m - 8 a.m.), reports of an emergency condition should be made to the Campus Security Office at 4-3362.   Security will in turn notify the appropriate Facilities Watch Mechanic on duty. The Watch Mechanic is expected to assess the nature of the emergency, the level of response required and notify the appropriate Facilities Unit Manager. The Facilities Unit Manager is responsible for notifying the Director and obtaining authorization for emergency response expenditures (overtime, Supplies, etc.). The Director shall in turn notify senior management (President, Vice Presidents, Provost or Departmental Chair) as deemed necessary.

Request for Service           

Request for service(s) should be submitted utilizing the electronic Work Order form located on under Student Services tab for students then select Facilities workorder under myhousing and dining on the right.  For administrators the workorder form link is under  myFacilities and Public Safety on the right. The Work Order Request form should list the requester, department, location and a brief, but clear description of the service being requested. The Work Order should also note any special conditions (i.e. deadline, dangerous materials, limited hours for access, etc.)  

Key and Lock Policy

The Office of Facilities Services is charged with the responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the College's key and locking system. A stratified master keying system has been developed to provide security and flexibility in key production and core replacement. A detailed database of all individual door locks and keys issued is maintained. Only college authorized locks or padlocks are permitted to be installed on college doors. No individual or department is permitted to install any separate lock, door hardware or security device on a college door. Installation of lock and/or door hardware may only be performed by the appropriate trade under the auspices of the Office of Facilities Services. It is recognized that unauthorized access into certain spaces, labs or offices may compromise critical research or very expensive or sensitive equipment. In such cases, The Office of Facilities Services will assist the department or office with the installation of a restricted second lock.

New or Additional Keys 

Keys may be requested by member s of the Barnard Community utilizing a written or electronic Facilities Work Request signed by the Departmental chair or Administrative head. The Departmental Chair or Administrative Head is the only individual authorized to approve the issuance of a key(s) for an area within their control. Keys will be made by the Facilities Locksmith upon the receipt of a signed and approved Work Request. The Facilities office will notify the staff member requesting a key when the key is available and will require that they sign a signature card acknowledging receipt of the key. College staff members are responsible for all keys issued for their use and must surrender their college issued keys whenever separated from the College's employ.

Lost Keys

The loss of a key, while an inconvenience to an individual, poses a potential theft and safety hazard to the college community. It is requested that in the event of the loss of a key, the department or administrative head immediately notify the Office of Campus Safety. The Office of Facilities Services will in such cases either issue new keys or change the core as needed. A fee for new keys ($5.00) or re - coring ($25.00) a space will be charged.

Access to Occupied Spaces

It is the policy of the College not to provide access to any area without the express consent of the occupants. In the event of an emergency condition, Facilities and /or Campus Safety are authorized to gain access to any college space. The Animal Lab, Library, Food Services, Computer Centers and numerous Science and Research Labs are considered spaces of critical or special concern. In the event of an emergency condition within these or any college areas or space, Facilities and/or Campus Safety reserves the right to enter the affected college space(s). A reasonable attempt shall first be made to inform the Department or Program prior to emergency entry. Following any such emergency entry, a written report will be issued to the areas occupant and appropriate department or administrative head and the Vice President of Administration. College staff members who need access to any room or area during off hours or because of forgotten keys should contact the Security Office.            

Energy Management

The Office of Facilities Services is committed to a program of energy conservation. Successful energy conservation requires the cooperation of the entire Barnard College community. You can assist in conserving energy by closing windows and turning off computers at the end of the working day, turning off all lights in unoccupied areas and reporting leaking pipes and faucets to Facilities Services .

In order to maintain a healthy, year round environment, temperatures will be maintained in a range of 68 to 72 degrees during regular operating hours under normal weather conditions. Since our buildings vary in size, design, age, and condition, some variance from target temperatures is to be expected. If temperatures fall out of this range, it should be reported to Facilities Services.

Trash Recycling

The College has implemented a trash recycling program in compliance full with New York City regulations. Recycling containers are located throughout the buildings in corridors and office spaces. Custodial staff collects all recyclable materials for disposal. All members of the Barnard College community is requested to recycle white paper, glass, plastics, computer paper and utilize the appropriate container

Persistent or Unresolved Problems

It is the goal of Office of Facilities Services to discharge its duties in a timely, courteous and professional manner. In some instances, despite our best efforts, a member of the community may be displeased with the service received. Should this occur, the appropriate course of action would be to speak to the Facilities Unit Supervisor and seek a resolution. If no resolution is forthcoming or the problem persists, please document the situation providing as much information as possible and call the Facilities Office at Ext. 4-2041.   Ask to speak to a Manager, relating to your concerns.