Travel Expense Reimbursement Procedures

Policies on requesting reimbursement for travel expenses

  • To request a travel advance, submit a Travel Advance Request Form (pdf) to the Controller's Office. If you do not use the entire advance, please submit remainder of funds, along with your expense report.
  • If you include receipts which only require partial reimbursement, please give a detailed explanation as to why.
  • Please see Barnard College Expenditure Policy  for acceptable travel expenses.

Domestic Travel

  • Fill out a Travel & Expense Report Domestic Form.
  • Please include all receipts for tolls, airfare (if applicable), mass transit, parking, baggage fees, lodging (if applicable), meals consumed, and gas. If you used EZ-Pass, please provide a printout from your EZ-Pass statement. 
  • For meals consumed, please submit the itemized restaurant receipt (the receipt showing the food, drinks, and prices of each). If the meal was paid for with a credit or debit card, please also submit the credit card receipt if tip was paid and you would like to be reimbursed for it. Please note we do not accept credit card receipts in lieu of the restaurant receipt without an explanation as to why the restaurant receipt is not available. 
  • For mileage reimbursement, please provide a printout from MapQuest, Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, etc. explaining how far you drove. Current mileage rates are set by the IRS. The 2016 rate is 54 cents per mile for business miles driven.

Please note the College does not reimburse for gas if one requests reimbursement for mileage. Fuel purchased for private vehicle usage is included in the Federal Mileage Reimbursement Rate.

Foreign Travel

  • Fill out a Travel & Expense Report Foreign Form
  • Please include all receipts for airfare, baggage fees, mass transit/taxis, lodging, and meals consumed (include tolls, parking, and gas if applicable).
  • Barnard will only reimburse in U.S.dollars, regardless of the currency your expenses were paid in.
  • When calculating the exchange rate of foreign currency into U.S. dollars, make sure you use the rate for the date of purchase, not what the current rate is at the time of reimbursement.
  • Please provide documentation as to where you found your rate of exchange (credit card, website, bank, currency exchange, etc.).
  • If requesting reimbursement for a financial institution charge for using foreign currency, please provide documentation of this charge (bank or credit card statement).

If you have any questions, please contact the Controller's Office at 212-854-2010.