SNAP - International Photo Competition

Isabella Haywood '18, Teenager in the Village of Ambosary, Madagascar

The SNAP International Photo Competition celebrates the perspectives of Barnard students as they navigate and explore a new country and culture. 

All Barnard students who have traveled abroad with Barnard support - whether by studying, interning, volunteering, or pursuing research abroad, or by studying at Barnard as a VISP (Visiting International Students Program) student - are eligible to participate.

To submit a photo for SNAP 2019, please go to the SNAP Submission Form.

Competition Categories:

  • Cultural Context: Photos that provide a glimpse into your host culture.
  • Global Issues: Photos that touch on issues of global significance, such as questions of social justice, environmental sustainability, urban development, or others.
  • Landscape/Nature: Photos of unique landscapes or flora and fauna that were new to you.
  • Selfie: Self-portraits taken in a foreign setting or at a moment of cross-cultural exchange. 
  • Women in the World: Photos that capture women's lives and/or illustrate issues around gender equality in your host country.

General Guidelines for Photo Submission:

  • Submissions must be from Barnard students back from an experience abroad or from VISP students currently studying at Barnard. 
  • Each picture may only be submitted for one category.
  • Each person may submit a maximum of 5 photos, though not all photos may be shown.
  • Photos should be high-resolution and should be of the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .png or .tif