The office of the Dean for International and Global Strategy works closely with the Barnard community to enhance and broaden the College’s engagement with the world.   We provide opportunities for faculty to expand their teaching and research by including global partners and perspectives, both internationally as well as through the rich global networks of New York City.  We challenge students to think and act well beyond the Barnard gates and to investigate their role and place in a rapidly globalizing world.  What does it mean to be a global citizen and leader?  What responsibilities and tensions accompany these roles?  Such questions also guide our close work with the President and the faculty on Barnard’s Global Symposia and Salons, which, in conjunction with local partners and alumnae, addresses a global challenge in a particular world region.

The office of the Dean for International and Global Strategy, in consultation with the Faculty Committee on Internationalization, provides a number of resources to Barnard departments and faculty:

  • funding and support in hosting international scholars at Barnard
  • funding and support in running faculty-led programs abroad
  • review and approval of agreements with international partners
  • support in developing and funding international research projects
  • travel preparation and emergency support for faculty abroad