Dear fellow alumnae,

Another successful fall semester at Barnard College has been completed!

  • It was successful for the students, incorporating another group of first-years into the student body and preparing another class of seniors for graduation.
  • It was successful for the faculty, welcoming a number of new and returning professors. It was successful for the administration, launching the open classes at the Athena Center for Leadership Studies and identifying a new dean of the College, Avis E. Hinkson ’84. Many focus groups and staff provided input into the document for the assessment prepared every 10 years for the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, which provides the foundation for the College’s strategic planning efforts. 
  • It was successful for the AABC. We have rededicated ourselves to our mission of engaging Barnard alumnae with each other and the College through exciting and engaging programming. Thanks to the work by Merri Rosenberg ’78 and the Leadership Assembly Committee, the Alumnae Affairs staff, and dedicated alumnae volunteer leaders, we had a very productive Leadership Assembly. In addition, the AABC Board has created more structure for itself and its committees so we can address your needs more effectively.

Outside the walls of Barnard, the country focused a lot of its energy on an historic mid- term election. AABC’s attention turned to its own upcoming elections since succession planning is an important function of any board. This year is the final year for the term of the president, vice president, and two of the committee chairs, so the Nominating Committee under the leadership of its chair, Alison Craiglow Hockenberry ’88, has been busy identifying candidates for the open positions. In this issue you will find information about the candidates they are presenting. Please carefully review the information and VOTE. The results of the national elections highlight the crucial role of voter participation. Just because our election process presents a slate instead of a choice, your vote is no less important. If you are reading this letter, please tear out the ballot included in the magazine, and cast your vote NOW instead of putting it off.

As ever,
Frances Sadler ’72