This fall, many of Barnard’s academic departments welcome new faculty members whose diverse expertise will enhance course offerings and expand the scope of research on campus. Here, some of the incoming professors answer questions about their scholarly work and teaching interests.
Beth Berkowitz, Visiting Associate Professor of Religion
“My work lies at the intersection of religious studies and Jewish studies, centering on religious authority, identity, and differences.”
Andrew Crowther, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
“I am a physical chemist studying the properties of graphene, which has great potential as a new material for electronics and energy.”
Rachel Eisendrath, Assistant Professor of English
“I specialize in sixteenth-century English poetry and prose. My research involves the history of poetic forms, aesthetics, and the intersection of literary and visual arts.”
Sumati Gupta, Term Assistant Professor of Psychology
“My research focuses on how people regulate their emotions while dealing with eating disorder symptoms or following traumatic events.”
Karen Lewis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
“My work deals with the philosophy of language, particularly questions of meaning and communication.”
Meredith B. Linn, Term Assistant Professor of Urban Studies
“My area of research is in urban historical archaeology, with a particular focus on health and healing.”
Masha Mimran ’04, Lecturer in French
“My area of research is the 19th-century French novel, psychoanalysis, and late nineteenth century French medical treatises and medical philosophy.”
Ellen F. Morris ’91, Assistant Professor of Classics
“I study ancient Egyptian society using an interdisciplinary approach. Much of my work examines Egypt’s relations with its neighbors in the Levant and Nubia from roughly 1550-1000 B.C.”
Jonathan W. Snow, Assistant Professor in Biology
“My specific area of research is the molecular and cellular immune mechanisms that honey bees use to fight off microbial pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and viruses.”
Loren K. Wolfe, Associate in French
“I am a scholar of late nineteenth and twentieth century French/Francophone literature.”