While all those newly-moved-in dorm-room accessories and newly purchased textbooks may seem invaluable as the school year is starting, where will they end up after finals are over?

At the end of every academic year the Barnard EcoReps organize "Give and Go Green,” an initiative designed to reduce the amount of waste thrown away by students as they move out of their residence halls. The EcoReps, Barnard’s student-environmentalist group, hope that Give and Go Green can be a great opportunity to teach students about being environmentally responsible and how easily their trash can be reduced and reused. 

“Every year, we throw out perfectly useable clothes, appliances, books, toiletries, and more because we simply can’t keep them over the summer,” says last year’s Eco-Rep coordinator, Holly Menten-Weil ’10. “Instead of giving all of that to the landfill, we can give it to someone in need!”

Barnard partners with the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Rock and Wrap it Up, the 114th Broadway/ Presbyterian church, and other organizations who help distribute the donated items to New Yorkers in need.

This year the Barnard EcoReps and a team of 25 volunteers worked to collect, sort, store and organize the fourtruckloads of donations. “It is an immense effort that really pulls together members of the entire community, says Menten-Weil. “Everyone rallies together to make sure that all the donations find a home and stay out of a landfill.”