ODS News December 2011
Greetings of the season to all--and it is hard to believe that we are now in our final full week of classes for the FA'10 term! We hope to see all of you at some point before you leave for the intersession break--and best of luck on all of your final projects, papers and tests. Happy holidays to all!
Final Exams: Fri 12/16-Thur 12/22
As you know, the last day to make any arrangements with Susan Linn for your finals test accommodations was Fri 12/2 at 4pm. Thanks to all of you who came by ODS to check-in with Susan L--and pls remember that as per Susan L’s email on 12/2 there are no more test accommodations requests via ODS for FA’11 finals.
ODS Equipment Loan Update
If you borrowed any items from ODS during the FA'11 term--please remember to return them to us no later than Wed 12/14. Items can be re-borrowed again in SP'12--but we like to do inventory control at the end of each semester just to be on the safe side!
Study Abroad Update
Are you planning to study abroad in the coming term--and if so, have you checked in with both Study Abroad Dean Gretchen Young as well as Susan Quinby re: possible accommodations you might be needing while away? Areas to think about include possible disability housing concerns, test and other classroom accommodations, medication and/or clinician concerns, etc. Please check-in now so we can help you plan before you get on the plane! Please pick up a copy of our excellent new brochure, “Study Abroad and Disability”.
ODS Free Massage Day
A longstanding and much-loved ODS tradition--we are delighted to announce our semi-annual ODS Free Massage Day this Friday, December 9 from 1-6pm in the FitBear Room, tunnel level Barnard Hall. Massages run for 30 minutes (25min massage with a 5min cool-down)--and students are asked to arrive 5 min prior to their session. Sign-ups must be in person in ODS beginning at 10am on Thursday 12/8--and sessions will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Arrive early this Thursday as these wonderful sessions get scheduled very quickly! Enjoy!
DARA: Disability Access Recognition Awards
Has there been someone this semester--professor, administrator, staff member or student--who has been particularly helpful, supportive or creative in responding to you and/or your disability-related needs? If so, please nominate them (as many as you like!) to receive a DARA from ODS. This award is our way of thanking members of the Barnard and Columbia community who have supported the mission and goals of ODS--to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for all students. Please stop by ODS to complete the very brief DARA nomination form--or just send us a quick email with the name of your nominee and why you'd like to nominate her/him!