In a segment about Rep. Charlie Rangel's campaign for re-election, political science professor Kimberley Johnson appears on NPR's Morning Edition. From the transcript:

"ROSE: Rangel has already won one hotly contested primary since news of his ethics problems broke. He then cruised to a general election victory in this reliably Democratic district. But now Rangel faces another challenge: changing demographics. Rangel unseated another African-American - Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. - in a primary election upset in 1970. Back then, Harlem and the rest of the district were overwhelmingly African-American - not anymore, says Kimberly Johnson, who teaches political science at Barnard College.

KIMBERLY JOHNSON: This is probably the first election where we really see the kind of fruition of this almost-two-decade-long transformation of upper Manhattan. It's just a very, very different district."

Listen to the full segment.

Prof. Johnson's research focuses on the intersections between American political development, federalism and intergovernmental relations, race and ethnic politics, bureaucracy and public policy.