"The Answer Sheet" blog on The Washington Post examines a critical shortage of school counselors, noting Prof. Reback's recent study showing that "at least one in five young children in the United States has some mental disorder, but fewer than half of the states require public elementary schools to hire mental health professionals."

Inside Higher Ed and The Chronicle of Higher Education report on a study co-authored by Prof. Reback, looking at Texas students who opt to attend high schools based on the likelihood of ranking in the top ten percent of the class.  From Inside Higher Ed:

"The study, conducted by Julie Berry Cullen of the University of California at San Diego, Mark C. Long of the University of Washington, and Randall Reback of Barnard College, analyzed cohorts of students who were approaching college admissions before and after the 10 percent plan took effect. It found significant shifts in patterns among students who stood to benefit from being in less competitive high schools. These patterns run counter to the usual tendency of families to try to get their children into the best high schools possible."