In The New York Times Sunday Book Review, political science professor Sheri Berman reviews The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism From Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin by Corey Robin. An excerpt:

"Robin’s definition of conservatism is unquestionably provocative. He starts by echoing arguments made by Samuel Huntington and others about conservatism being a situational ideology, one arising in reaction to a fundamental challenge to an existing order and devoted to preserving traditional institutions. But Robin then adds a substantive component. Conservatism, he argues, involves a reaction to certain kinds of challenges in particular, those by “subject” or “subordinate” classes. It is thus an inherently elitist and hierarchical ideology, whose essence is the defense of elite privileges against challenges from below."

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Prof. Berman is a professor of political science and her main interests are European politics and political history, democracy and democratization, globalization, and the history of the left.