This spring, music professor and concert organist Gail Archer performed a concert series celebrating the bicentennial of composer Franz Liszt.  Read a review of the last concert in this series, which took place on April 8 at the Church of the Heavenly Rest on Manhattan's Upper East Side.  An excerpt:

"The concert began with the Excelsior with its variations in volume and fascinating harmonies. Ms. Archer’s notes slowly rose up the scale in heraldic form. The second Orpheus work had flowing, evocative melodies, almost like film noir, with highly pitched and yearning refrains. The Adagio was filled with intensity, encompassing the Church with mournful melancholy. The Offertorium was lengthier than most pieces, with a rich choral quality. The Consolation was briefer, tuneful, and uplifting. In the remaining works, Ms. Archer presented undulating chords, sumptuous echoes, lyrical, ethereal passages, and heightened, orchestral qualities."

Read the full review here.

In addition to Prof. Archer's celebrated career as an concert organist and recording artist, she is the director of the Barnard-Columbia Chorus and Chamber Choir.