"Emotionally engaging and smoothly flowing, “The Love of My Youth” showcases Gordon’s power to write with controlled urgency, without dissembling or exaggeration, to reveal truths that are hard to face in the unsparing light of day, but without which we could not see ourselves as we are," writes The New York Times, of the new novel by Mary Gordon '71, Millicent C. McIntosh Professor in English and Writing.

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"In Mary Gordon's new novel, "The Love of My Youth," we get to know protagonists Miranda and Adam first as late middle-agers reuniting in Rome, and then, in flashback, as lovers full of youthful passion," writes the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  "One of my favorite passages speaks of "the darkening" of the '60s culture. In just a few paragraphs, Gordon captures this shift that was felt by all who lived through it, like the moon passing in front of the sun. "Was it because the music changed?" she writes. "That Dylan became ironic, angry, that the Beatles moved from vaudeville to LSD?""