Sonya Shadravan '10 has received the Alice Rowan Swanson Fellowship, an annual award that returns SIT Study Abroad alumni to their host countries to conduct development projects that benefit human rights.

Shadravan was a 2009 participant of SIT Study Abroad's Senegal: National Identity and the Arts program. She will return to Dakar, Senegal to implement a series of neighborhood-based youth empowerment programs for teenagers that will be run by older youth and local hip-hop artists. During her time with SIT, she researched how hip-hop artists advocate for social change, and she plans to continue her work with many of the young artists and activists she met in 2009.

"The goal of the program is to provide a safe space for these youth to increase their powers of expression, to analyze the social forces acting upon them in their communities and to recognize themselves as agents of social change," said Shadravan.