Winter 2012 Cover, Photo by Courtney AppleBig Ideas

Bravo, President Spar, for your courageous and wise essay “In Search of Prophets” [Winter 2012, President’s Page]. Fifty years ago I came to Barnard as a virtually penniless immigrant from Germany. As a sociology major I read Keynes in Professor Lekachman’s economic history class; Locke and Rousseau with Professor Stanley Moore in social philosophy; and Marx and Engels with Professor Mirra Komarovsky in sociological theories. How awed I was with great ideas! They laid the foundation for my further study.... [And] when I participated in the civil-rights movement, the anti-war struggle, and in social justice causes, I was armed with a historical and theoretical perspective. Whatever guidance I was able to give my own students over 40 years of teaching sociology was ultimately grounded in what I first learned at Barnard College. For this I will always be grateful.

—Britta Fischer ’64
Professor of Sociology Emerita
Emmanuel College

Boston, Mass.


Around the Campfire

I was delighted to see the article about Barnard Camp in the Winter 2012 edition. I was also stunned to see the (ancient) photo of myself waxing my skis. It must have been taken around 1946-47. Unfortunately I am unsure of the identity of the other person in the picture… I am however a bit bewildered by the caption, which says “Stefanie Zink Dobrin ’47 and stepdaughter Susan Dobrin Spevak ’67…” My stepdaughter was indeed ’67, but she was only born in April 1945 and would have been about a year old when the photo was taken! Barnard Camp was a wonderful, bucolic refuge for us urbanites. I went to the camp as often as I could. 

—Stefanie Zink Dobrin ’47
Altadena, Calif.


Regarding the Barnard Camp article in the Winter 2012 issue, photo 3 on page 23 was taken October 13, 1946. The girl on the far right is Pat Cecere Doumas ’49. Next to her is Jean DeSanto MacLaren ’49. On the far left, in the skirt, is myself, Judith Allison ’49. I have several photos taken that day. It was the only time I was at the camp, and I enjoyed myself very much!

—Judith Allison Walters ’49
Bothell, Wash.


Editors’ reply: Thanks to our vigilant alumnae, the captions on the photos of Barnard Camp from the College Archives have been corrected and updated. Photo 2 on page 23 of the Winter 2012 should have been captioned Marian Gulton Malcolm ’50 and Stefanie Zink Dobrin ’47. We regret the error and thank you for the information.


The article on Holly House brought back memories of a weekend in January 1979. My friends and I arrived Friday evening. We probably should have expected that the house would be absolutely freezing inside! We got a fire going in the main room, pinned up blankets over the windows for insulation and then dragged mattresses into the main room so that we could all sleep there that night.

Saturday we went skating. For some in the group, it was their first time on blades. When I returned from spending winter break at my mother’s house, I had brought as many spare pairs of skates as I could lay my hands on back to Barnard. We did the best we could to find a pair of skates to fit each person. Fortunately, my family runs to large feet, so some of the “outgrown” skates from Mom’s turned out to be just right for our group.

Saturday night the temperature rose sharply and it started raining. One of our group had a car, and she was supposed to drive us all back to Barnard on Sunday. When we attempted to head south, however, we found the roads were closed due to flooding. We kept moving east to find the next southbound road. We’d get a bit further, hit another road closure and move east again. Finally, we rotated so far to the southeast that we hit the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, and the Merritt got us home. I’m not sure what we would have done otherwise—maybe tried to float the car up Long Island Sound?

—SarahRose Werner ’79
St. John, Newfoundland, Canada