In April 2011, Barnard students revived the Greek Games, an historic campus tradition.  Gathering on Lehman Lawn and the rooftop of The Diana Center, students participated in "Yoga in a Toga," "Plato's Pilates," hoop rolling and stilt contests, among others.

First held in 1903 and continuing through 1967, the Greek Games were started as an attempt to accurately recreate the athletic competitions of heroic Greece. The first-years and sophomore classes competed against each other in categories of dance, original poetry and song composition, discus throwing, hurdling, hoop rolling, torch races, and chariot races. Barnard’s involvement in the Greek Games signalled a dedication to the paradigms of neoclassical, liberal scholarship on which the College was founded. 

The 2011 Greek Games were spearheaded by Barnard's Student Government Association and McIntosh Activities Council.

Archival footage courtesy of the Barnard College Archives