Barnard Contingent Faculty (BCF)-UAW Local 2110 Negotiations

Barnard is proud of our diverse and distinguished faculty, and we strive to make sure that the College is a great place to work, teach, and pursue fulfilling careers. As with any institution of higher learning, our faculty body is complex—made up of tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure-eligible full-time faculty, as well as adjunct faculty.

In Spring 2015, the UAW Local 2110 initiated organizing activities on Barnard’s campus for the purpose of creating a contingent faculty union.  The term “contingent faculty” typically refers to part- and full-time faculty who are appointed off the tenure track.  Tenured and tenure-track faculty were never intended to be a part of the proposed union, and are not. The UAW attempted to include all full-time non-tenure line faculty in the proposed unit (including, the ranks of Associate, Senior Associate, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Professors of Professional Practice; collectively “reviewed and renewable full-time non-tenure line faculty”), but this group did not want to join and successfully organized around that aim.  In Fall 2015, the remaining 207 eligible contingent faculty members voted in favor of being represented, for purposes of collective bargaining, by the UAW Local 2110.  The union, now known as the Barnard Contingent Faculty (BCF)-UAW Local 2110, began negotiations with the College in February 2016. 

The College is committed to steadily negotiating in good faith towards a resolution that satisfies both the ongoing needs of our students, staff, and full-time faculty, as well as those of the unit members.  These pages will keep the entire community informed on the status of the talks.  

Updates and Communications

Below you will find periodic updates and communications regarding the current union negotiations between Barnard College and the UAW-Local 2110 representing our contingent faculty. 

For more information on negotiations, review the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Community-wide Messages 

Bargaining Schedule

Beginning in February 2016, the College began negotiations with the Barnard Contingent Faculty (BCF)-UAW Local 2110.  Throughout 2016, bargaining teams met 25 times.  See below for the Spring 2017 bargaining schedule.

  • 1/17/17
  • 1/20/17
  • 1/26/17
  • 2/3/17
  • 2/6/17
  • 2/7/17
  • 2/8/17
  • 2/12/17
  • 2/13/17
  • 2/14/17
  • 2/15/17