Paper FAQ

  • What is uncoated paper?
    Paper that has not been coated with clay. Uncoated paper is used on over 90% of our print jobs. It is good for booklets, posters, flyers, and cards. Toners used by our color printer can give the appearance of a glossy image when printed on our uncoated color copier papers.
  • What is coated paper?
    Paper with a coating of clay and other substances that improves reflectivity. Coated paper may improve the image of some photographic reproductions. When requested, we will use coated paper on our color printer. Coated papers usually cost more than uncoated.
  • What are standard paper sizes?
    Print Services uses papers in these standard sizes: 8.5" x 11" (letter), 8.5" x 14" (legal), 11" x 17" (tabloid), 12" x 18", and 13" x 19". Print Services trims (cuts) the paper after printing when the finished size is smaller than the paper size.
  • What is a ream of paper?
    A ream of paper is a quantity of sheets of the same size and quality. A ream of 20# copy paper comprises 500 sheets.
  • Basis Weight
    Paper weight is identified by its Basis Weight. The basis weight of a paper is the designated fixed weight of 500 sheets (a ream), measured in pounds, in that paper’s basic sheet size. It is important to note that the “basic sheet size” varies by type of paper. A 20# bond is “equivalent” in weight to a 50# offset paper because they are measured using different sheet sizes.
    • Standard papers at Print Services are 20# bond for black and white printing and 24# for color printing in sizes up to 11" x 17".  Heavier weights are also used for many jobs in these and larger sizes. Use the Paper Weight Chart below to compare weights from different paper classes.
    • Paper Weight Chart
  • Colors
    Print Services maintains an inventory of papers in many colors. Aside from white, most 20# copy papers and index stocks are available in at least 6 pastel colors. In addition, we stock a number of “brites” in 60# or 70# text weight.
    • Virtually all color printing is done on very smooth bright white paper to maintain color fidelity.