McIntosh Activities Council (McAC)

McIntosh Activities Council is Barnard's programming board. We plan some of Barnard’s favorite traditions on campus including Big Sub, Midnight Breakfast, the Emily Gregory Dinner, Founders Day, and Spirit Week! Each committee (Community, Action, Mosaic, Network, and Wellness) plan other great events throughout the year, too!

McAC Executive Board and Officers Council 2018-2019:


President: Maddie Wu '19

Vice President: Adrianna Montes '19

Treasurer: Lillian Zhang '21

Publicity Officer: Collier Curran '20

The McAC Committees

Click on each committee to learn more about its focus and past events!


Committee Chair: Tina Barrios '21

The Action committee is based on community service and plans large- and small- scale volunteer events for Barnard students. McAC Action provides a wonderful opportunity to get involved on campus and make a difference in the lives of others. 


Committee Chair: Maya Hartleben '19

The Community Committee brings the Barnard community together in fun and creative ways, planning events that aim to unify the school.


Committee Chair: Anai Finnie '19

The Mosaic Committee celebrates the diversity of Barnard in all of its forms including racial, ethnic, geographical, religious, nutritional, gender, and sexual identities. 


Committee Chair: Claudia Chung '19

The Network Committee is responsible for programming events that bring together students, alumnae, and faculty in creative and fun ways.


Committee Chair: Jenna Marks ‘20

The Wellness Committee strives to create a healthy and happy student body by providing resources and fun events to stay focused on a healthy body and mind.

Spirit Week Committee

The Spirit Week Committee works together during the spring semester to plan a week of spirited, fun events in April that celebrates Barnard. 

Greek Games Committee:

Greek Games Leader: Dana Ross '21

The Greek Games, a collaboration between SGA, McAC, and GBB, strives to continue a decades-long tradition that connects the whole student body in creative and athletic ways through class competitions. Originally centering on chariot races and dance performances, the committee seeks to maintain the core elements of the original Games, while adapting it to the current interests of the student body.

How to Apply:

Check out our Facebook page. Incoming students can apply at the beginning of the fall semester. Current students can begin applying at the end of each semester to be able to join McAC the following semester (apply at the end of fall semester to join in the spring).




Facebook: Barnard McAC

Instagram: @barnardmcac_

Snapchat: @barnardmcac