On November 2, the Athena Center for Leadership Studies hosted the second annual TEDxBarnardCollege. The event featured seven inspiring TED Talk presentations, each telling a story of perseverance and resilience in keeping with the event’s theme, “Rethinking Failure.” The speaker line-up included Barnard President Debora Spar; Jovanka Ciares, author and nutrition coach; Barbara Corcoran, entrepreneur and star of ABC’s Shark Tank; Joya Dass, business anchor on NY1 and creator of Lady Drinks; and Preeti Vasudevan, an Indian choreographer and dancer, as well as two Athena Fellows, Jimmie Briggs, author and creator of the Man Up Campaign, and Marie Wilson, activist and founder of the White House Project.

In the Huffington Post, columnist Gerit Quealy reflected on Jimmie Briggs’ TED Talk and the overall theme of the day. An excerpt:

“We learned what is it to be a real man. What it is to be women. What it is to lead, to collaborate, to support. That compassion isn't cloying and real emotion isn't trite and can't be reduced to a sound byte. We learned that Epic Fail = Epic Succeed. We learned what it is to be human.”

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