In The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Barnard Trustee Emily Tow Jackson '88 writes about how small foundations can bring about big change. Her article explains how the Tow Foundation has worked to help improve the failing juvenile-justice system in Connecticut. An excerpt:

"With just two staff members, we decided to focus our grants on local organizations that were working to change how the courts treated young people. It was a decision based on our board’s desire, in fact our sense of obligation, to accomplish the most we could with our assets (both human and financial) for the people who needed us the most."

The article goes on to detail ways that other small foundations can maximize their impact by building relationships, supporting advocacy, and working collaboratively.

Tow Jackson will be honored at Barnard's annual Scholarship Gala, taking place on April 18 at the Plaza Hotel. Fellow honorees include her parents, Claire and Leonard Tow, and the Tow Foundation, as well as Connie '53 and Harvey Krueger and the Krueger Family. All will receive the Frederick A.P. Barnard Award in recognition of their support and service to the College.

Tow Jackson has been the Tow Foundation’s Executive Director since 1994. She served on the Barnard President’s Advisory Council from 2007-2009 and joined the College’s board of trustees in 2012. An active director of Philanthropy New York from 1997-2004, she was chair of that organization from 2002-2004. She is the recipient of the 2002 Filer Award for creative leadership in philanthropy from the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, where she currently serves on the board of directors. She was lauded as a standout among the "new generation of philanthropists" by Barron's.

Photo by Richard Freeda