Scanning Procedures at the DHC

Before scanning at DHC, you need to reserve a scanner.  Reservation times begin every half hour and last up to two hours for academic scanning and one hour for personal scanning.  When you go to DHC, make sure to sign in at the front desk located directly to your left as you enter.

Location:305 Butler Library. Enter the library and take the left-hand side of the main staircase to the next floor. Turn left at the top of the stairs and then follow the turn of the corridor to the right. The entrance to the DHC will be straight ahead at the end of the hall. 

Telephone:(212) 854-7547

During academic term the hours are:
Monday:        11am – 6pm
Tuesday:       11am – 9pm
Wednesday:   11am – 9pm
Thursday:      11pm – 9pm
Friday:          12pm – 5pm
Saturday:      12pm – 5pm

The DHC staff will provide demonstrations, workshops, and classes for students and faculty, as well as individual consultations. More information on the DHC website. On-Demand Instruction (a one-on-one tutorial for any electronic resource or reference tool) is also available.  Register online or call for an appointment. 

2 Black/White Scanners (titled “Justinian” PC 05 and “Iolus” PC 03)
5 Color Scanners (titled “Lucian” PC 02, “Otho” PC 16, “Mosonius,” Romulus” PC 19 and “Anaxagoras” PC 08)
1 Microfilm B/W Scanner (“Pertinax” PC 15)
1 Overhead B/W Scanner (“Diophantus” PC 14)
1 Slide Color Scanner (“Seneca” Mac 02)

Scan Document (as Text)
For scanning text documents you should use one of the two B/W scanners.  If scan is a single text page, place the item to be scanned face down as straight as possible against the upper-right corner.  If scanning multiple pages, you may want to place pages in the feeder tray (located on the top of the scanner cover).  You must remove all staples and paper clips and make sure pages aren’t bent or wrinkled.  Place pages face down in tray.

  1. Click on Start à Programs
  2. Open ABBYY Fine Reader (6.0 Professional)
  3. Go to File and click on “New Batch” (this is the folder in which you will save all your scanned images in)
  4. Give the Batch a name (file will be located in My Documents on the hard drive)
  5. Go to the Scan Icon on the top toolbar – Click on the Drop Down Arrow and choose either “Scan Images” or “Scan Multiple Images”
  6. Window appears with heading TWAIN DRIVER (32)
  7. Adjust settings
    • Resolution:keep at default 400 x 400 dpi
    • Scan Type:Choose either “Flat Bed” for a single scanned image or “ADF (Front Side)” if scanning multiple pages from the feeder tray
    • Paper Size:Choose letter size ( 8.5” x 11”) or if page is slightly larger or has small margins choose legal size and crop edges later
    • Image Mode:“Black/White”
  8. Click on “Preview” and drag box (dotted lines) around image you want to scan
  9. Click on “Scan”
  10. Click on “Read All” if you need to make any changes before saving file.  After clicking this button, screen divides into two windows: on the left is the photo of the scan and on the right is the text document which you can edit.
  11. Go to File and SAVE TEXT AS.  In this window there are some options:
    • Document name defaults to your batch name
    • Can save file as PDF document, Rich Text Format, MS Excel, HTML document, MS Word document and some other formats.  If want the scanned document to be in a readable PDF document then choose this format otherwise choose MS Word document (this is the best option for text to be edited and easily transferred to a webpage).
    • File Options:(if you just want to save a portion create a separate file but for our purposes you should choose iv.)
      • Create a separate file for each page
      • Name files as source images
      • Create a new file at each black page
      • Create a single file for all pages
    • Retain Layout: (choose i. but if fonts and texts don’t transfer properly try ii.)
      • Retain full page layout
      • Retain font and font size
      • Remove all formatting
    • Make sure to check box “Open document after saving”
  12. After saving, the document opens up in MS Word and you can edit the text here.  Look for misspelled words, altered font sizes and fonts, as well as broken paragraphs and sentences.
  13. Exit MS Word and before leaving DHC, make sure to go to File and <strong>“Close Batch”</strong> in ABBYY Fine Reader so the next person will not scan into your batch file.


Scan Image

For scanning photographs or graphics you should use one of the five color scanners.  If you are scanning black and white images you can use the B/W scanners too.

  1. Place image face down in the upper-right corner of the flat bed
  2. Click on the “Photoshop” Icon
  3. Go to File and “Import” and choose the name of the scanner, which will appear on the scanner itself.  (For example, if using the “Lucian” PC 02, when you go to “Import” click on HP Precision Scan Pro 3.0)
  4. Once you import the scanner, it automatically scans the flat bed.
  5. Go to the top toolbar to adjust the resolution settings.  The default is 200 dpi but you may want to increase the dpi to get a clearer scan.  The scanner will automatically inform you if you increase the resolution settings more than necessary and it will prompt you to change the settings. 
  6. On left side of the screen should be the “Guided Steps.” Follow them.
    • Select Area:drag box around image you want to scan
    • Output Type:(Select the first option)
      • True Color (16.7 million colors)
      • 256-color (optimized palette)
      • 256-color (web palette)
      • Grayscale
      • B/W bitmap
    • Press the “Return to” arrow.  This will complete the scan and bring you back to Photoshop automatically.
  7. In Photoshop you can edit the image.  You may want to crop any unnecessary edges or margins.  As well you can rotate the image if needed.
  8. Go to File and click “Save” 
  9. Give the file a name and choose the format.  JPEG is probably the best format to choose because it automatically compresses the image.  Other common file formats include TIFF and BMP.
  10. After saving, exit Photoshop and make sure to get the image from the scanner bed.  Also make sure to close the scanner top when finished.

ODS: 10/07/10