Program Director

Janna Levin, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy.
Her research focuses on theories of the early universe, chaos, and black holes. NSF has funded her scientific work with a Theoretical Physics Grant for her research concerning Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Dark Dimensions. NSF has also awarded her a grant supported jointly by Gravitational Theory and Astrophysics for her research on Black Holes and Gravitational Waves. She has won awards as a scientist and as an author.

Program Coordinator

Bill Carrasco
The Program Administrator ensures the smooth administration of the Vera Joseph Scholars Program. He assists the Program Director in appropriate Program activities. These include staffing the management team and selection committee; organizing logistics for summer and academic year workshops, serving as liaison between Scholars and College offices, assisting in the design, collection and assessment of Program evaluation instruments and data; providing counseling and referrals for Scholars, maintaining student records/folders and other duties.

Senior Personnel

Dusa McDuff, Helen Lyttle Kimmel '42 Professor of Mathematics.
Dr. McDuff's research involves both graduate and post-doctoral students. She has received the Satter Prize from the American Mathematical Society and the Outstanding Woman Scientist Award from the (Association for Women in Science). She will serve as advisor for upper class Scholars in math and teach a special course in math methods for science majors.

Christian Rojas, Professor of Chemistry.
Dr. Rojas is an organic chemist whose research focuses on developing new methods for incorporating nitrogen into organic molecules and application of these methods to the synthesis of amino sugars.  His research program is currently supported by a National Science Foundation grant and involves Barnard undergraduate students as co-workers. Previous Barnard undergraduate student researchers from his research group have gone on to careers in science, teaching, and medicine, including positions in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, public-school teaching, public health, and government. Besides research and research student mentoring, he teaches introductory organic chemistry, advanced organic chemistry, and organic chemistry laboratory courses.

Jonathan Snow, Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Snow is a cell biologist and immunologist studying the immune system of the honey bee, a species experiencing population decline in part as a result of exposure to myriad new and old pathogens. He and his research students are especially interested in learning about the molecules and pathways involved in regulating this system in the honey bee. He teaches Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Cell Biology Lab.

Key Administrative Personnel

Nanette DiLauro, Director, Financial Aid
Ms. DiLauro brings to this Program more than seventeen years experience in financial aid administration. She will have primary responsibility for crafting the Scholars' aid packages.

Michell Tollinchi-Michel, Director, Academic Services and Enrichment Programs
Ms. Tollinchi has over ten years of experience in the administration of academic support programs, including Director of the Gateway Academy at the City College of New York, CUNY, and Associate Director of CSTEP/STEP at Fordham University. She currently supervises all state-funded programs at the College and co-directs the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program. She will oversee, with the PI, support services for the Scholars.

James Runsdorf, Junior Class Dean
Dean Runsdorf has served Barnard students in many ways over the last twenty years including as English professor, study abroad advisor, scholarship coordinator and class dean. He will be involved in the selection and advising processes for the Scholar Program.

Jennifer Fondiller, Dean of Admissions
Dean Fondiller, a Barnard alumna, has served in her position for nine years. She regularly identifies science-focused students on recruiting trips around the country and will be responsible for publicizing the Vera Joseph Scholars Program.