NYCCEP's MLK Legacy Week

NYCCEP's MLK Legacy Week
What will your legacy be?


Martin Luther King Legacy Week is celebrates the legacy of MLK, Jr. through a series of on- and off-campus service, social justice, and community-building events. It happens annually over the week of MLK, Jr. Day.
MLK Legacy Week features 5 days of learning and service. Each day highlights one of our pathways to service, and we host a variety of off-campus service activities, on-campus events, and daily tabling and outreach to build community and raise awareness. MLK Legacy Week is also a great opportunity to celebrate the social justice work that is already happening on campus.
If you care about social justice and want to learn & get involved, this is the program! MLK Legacy Week will help you explore both new passion issues as well as new ways to make change. You'll have a chance to hear from professionals and fellow students, and will be able to get involved in making an impact with local community-based organizations!



Meet our wonderful partners from last year's MLK Legacy Week: