Constellation Microscopium

Microscopium - “The Microscope”; meaning: microscope; symbol: microscope; pronounced: “MY-krow-SKOH-pee-um”

The Microscopium constellation is made up of students from the 6th Floor.

Resident Assistants: Tatiana Donaldson, Olivia Sirianni, Maria Priyma

Personal Librarian: Jenna Freedman

Constellation Leader: Eva Barnansky BC '16

Eva is a sophomore hoping to major in Biochemistry and eventually work in a food science laboratory. If you do not find her soaking up some sun in the Quad or playing rugby with friends, she is organizing school events with McAC, a club focused on enriching the Barnard experience and running traditional events like Big Sub and Midnight Breakfast. Having just experienced her first year at Barnard, Eva cannot be more excited to discuss the 'real' first year college experience, what you can expect, what you do not need to worry about and how to find where you belong as a Barnard student! She hopes to bring generations of Barnard Alumnae through the Microscopium Constellation and would love to hear any suggestions for future events and programs. Eva can’t wait to start this year with you!