Internship Spotlight


Hilary Symington, '2012

Major: Economics with an Art History minor

Internship: Keno Auctions

When Catherine, a specialist at Keno Auctions, brought out a black light to assess an 18th-century landscape, I couldn’t imagine how she intended to use it. Before my internship, black lights meant haunted houses and detective shows. By taking the time to demonstrate how they reveal underpainting, showing me a heavily preserved painting for contrast, Catherine added black light analysis to my real (art) world know-how. Such lessons formed my internship at Keno Auctions. I applied on a tip from a family friend -- unlike the big auction houses, Keno does not advertise structured internships. For me, interning at this smaller Upper East Side establishment was ideal. Immersed in January auction preparations, I processed consignments, cataloged inventory, and lent a hand -- more a member of the team than an intern.




Julia An, BC’14

Major: Art History

Internship: Town & Country Magazine

This past summer I interned in the Jewelry and Accessories Department of Town&Country magazine. As a fashion intern, I communicated with PR companies and fashion designers for using fashion pieces such as Gucci bags, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Chanel jewelry for photo shoots. I managed the fashion closet where the clothes, jewelry, and accessories were stored. For photo shoots, I created storyboards as well as assisted editors and stylists on location. As an aspiring fashion journalist, I especially enjoyed researching photos for a story on young philanthropists and looking up facts on unique engagement rings. It was fascinating to learn how each fashion piece is an intricate wearable art that tells a story. I obtained this internship by applying thru the Hearst Corporation website.



Tali Azkenot ‘13
Major: Biological Sciences
Internship: Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

Last summer I worked at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, a non-profit organization that strives to eliminate infectious diseases worldwide. Unlike academic research environments, Seattle Biomed is a mission-driven organization that employs international scientists on academic and clinical career tracks. As a global health intern, I worked for ten weeks beside an MD/PhD research scientist from South Africa. My project focused on the immune response of HIV-exposed infants to the BCG vaccination (against tuberculosis). In order to evaluate immune response, I learned how to perform RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, and Real-Time quantitative PCR on blood samples from infants treated at my mentor’s clinic. I also presented my research to staff at the end of the summer. This internship taught me important lab techniques and research skills in a supportive environment, and exposed me to the many career opportunities within the global health field.



Samantha Williams ‘13
Major: Biological Sciences
Internship: Center for Inflammation, Translational and Clinical Lung Research at Temple University School of Medicine

This summer I worked in a pulmonary research laboratory in the Center for Inflammation, Translational and Clinical Lung Research at Temple University School of Medicine. I was introduced to this opportunity through a Columbia University alumnus. My main responsibilities over the summer included preparing and analyzing microscope slides of lung tissue, running blood-gas machines, participating in animal surgeries (we performed Caesarean sections on sheep), and monitoring pulmonary function/vital signs during studies. My experiences and colleagues taught me the importance of being a responsible and dependable worker. In order for a lab to run smoothly, everybody needs to communicate and work as one unit, and that is a skill that I will be able to carry with me to any position that I may hold in the future.


Gayatri Malhotra '13
 Major: Biochemistry
 Internship: Department of Microbiology & Immunology at New York Medical College

 Well before the summer of my freshman year, most my friends had found jobs or internships.  After months of anxious waiting for a reply from the 50+ emails I had sent out, I finally received a response from the Department of Microbiology & Immunology at New York Medical College.  They were looking for a summer intern and Barnard gladly gave me a grant to do research there.  Working in their lab, I leaned the details of the cell-signaling cascade during septic shock as well as general lab techniques such as cultivating cell lines and running a gel.  After 10 weeks, the results from my experiments were summed up in a paper, titled LPS Peptide Mimics Induce NF-κB Translocation in Macrophages and are Specific                                                       for TLR-4.



Tsechu Dolma‘14
Major: Political Science
Internship: Central Tibetan Administration’s Environment and Development Department

This past summer I interned in the Central Tibetan Administration’s Environment and Development Department in Dharamshala, India. I found out about this internship through a Columbia University alum who is now the Secretary of the Department of International Relations. As an intern my daily task was to edit research papers written by my supervisors on environmental degradation and policies enacted by the Chinese government. I had the opportunity to build a network of scholars, scientists, and politicians; these connections will support me in my future career plans in the Tibetan environment/social justice and public administration field. The experience has taught me the invaluable importance of clear communication with co-workers and colleagues.