Alternative Break Program

NYCCEP is pleased to partner with Columbia University's Office of Student Engagement on the Alternative Break Program (“ABP”).  The ABP provides funding and support for teams of Columbia/Barnard students who tackle community challenges around the world, across the country, or in our own backyards!

Initial applications for the 2017 Spring and Summer break funding cycle were due on October 14th. All applicants will be informed of their status and potentially invited to submit a final proposal in late October. Check out the ABP website for more information on the proposal process and future application dates.

So, what exactly is ABP?

The ABP does not organize or lead service break trips.  Student(s) submit proposals for service trip ideas that address the community in which the student(s) wish to serve, the challenge they wish to address and the type of service they feel will best address those challenges in those communities.  Proposals that are accepted receive ABP-support, which includes training, advisement, and funding.  ABP funds may be applied to team travel expenses such as food, lodging, in-country transportation, and airline tickets.  

Two ways to participate

  1. Organize your team's own civic engagement project, deciding what challenges to address, who to work with, and what community to work in.
  2. Join a team and help the organizers shape the experience.

Want to know more?

The main ABP website has lots more information! You can also feel free to contact Adeline Medeiros, Associate Director of Civic Engagement, at, or 212-853-0770 if you have any other questions about the program.