The Digital Black Atlantic Project: Transnational Hispaniola

The Digital Black Atlantic Project (DBAP) was conceived of by an interdisciplinary collective consisting of Ian Baucom (Duke), Vincent Brown (Harvard), Laurent Dubois (Duke), Kaiama L. Glover (Barnard), Kelly Baker Josephs (CUNY), and Michael Ralph (NYU).

Operating in collaboration with the broad multi-institutional working group, over the next two years the DBAP intends to develop a Barnard-based, Caribbean-focused research and pedagogical module for inclusion in the DBAP apparatus. This module will build on the foundations established in the context of Barnard's CCIS Lab “Transnational Hispaniola: Haiti and the Dominican Republic” to generate an online resource for thinking and teaching transnationally across the physical and linguistic border of Hispaniola.

Committed to encouraging students to approach the globalizing world in ways that challenge the colonial legacies of regional balkanization, the DBAP intends for this digital platform to draw attention to the networked relationships that emerge out of common geo-cultural histories and shared contemporary concerns.